Once a successful cloud migration has occurred, and all essential business systems are up and running within the cloud – that’s it, right? 

Wrong. It’s natural to think things should move back to business as usual, however, this is the point where you can begin to tailor and transform your cloud solution to ensure it is truly delivering value to your business.  

Because that is what it is about – getting value from your move to the cloud. 

Most companies make the move to reduce costs and enable their business to do more. 

That’s not business as usual. It’s a new, innovative way of doing business. 

Unfortunately, there are a few things that get in the way of companies getting value out of their cloud migration. 

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Why you’re not getting value 

After a successful migration, businesses often don’t see value because they’re replicating what they were doing with their on-premises solution. 

The cloud works very differently from on-premises. 

However, many businesses try running an on-premises architecture on their cloud servers.  

This is an inefficient way to use the cloud and, unsurprisingly, leads to fewer efficiency gains than expected. ​ 

Cloud migration is not just a case of taking your on-premises business systems and putting them in the cloud. 

Instead, your on-premises environment needs to be transformed for your new cloud environment – with a new architecture that is specifically designed for the cloud. 

It is only at this point that you’re setup to maximise the value of having your business systems in the cloud. 

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How to maximise your move

Maximising your move to the cloud starts with changing your mindset – what works on-premises will not necessarily work well in the cloud and vice versa.  

 You will need to re-architect your core systems, but the benefits are significant. Your business will now be able to take advantage of the full suite of cloud tools such as DevOps, IoT (Internet of Things), Analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and more.  

It also allows you to utilise cloud-based serverless services for greater efficiency and cost savings. 

Think about what will be possible for your business? How you can be more efficient, innovative, faster? 

SAS IT’s approach to cloud migration  

Your business wants to be able to maximise your cloud solution and get real value and efficiency.   

So, as part of our commitment to mitigating risk and managing change over your whole cloud migration project, we ensure that when you arrive at this point in the process, your systems are stabilised, scaled appropriately, and ready for the transformation stage.  

Then, depending on your business requirements, we work with you to utilise the power of your new cloud solution to ensure all systems and processes are delivering value to your business.   

Our Cloud Journey Workshop will help you plan out your business’s successful transformation to the cloud. 

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