Successfully move your mission critical systems to the cloud

Experts in transforming systems for the cloud, SAS IT helps you plan your cloud journey to minimise risk, reduce cost, and ensure the stability of your essential business systems.

Mixed systems

Are you running customer applications in the cloud, but your core data systems run on-premises?

Project fatigue

Have you attempted to move to the cloud, got stuck and tried to go back to on-premises? ​

Back where you started

Are you not seeing any benefit from your shift to the cloud and it’s become a hindrance? ​

Our cloud journey gets you to your destination

We plan the whole journey – minimising risk, reducing cost, and enabling your business to do more.

We understand what mission critical systems, workloads and data you have and what should be moved to the cloud. The we plan ahead and stop duplication of workloads and data. Before starting to move, we re-architect your systems for the cloud, enabling your business to take advantage of the full suite of cloud tools.

What happens when you get there?

Stop moving data and start innovating by getting the right architecture in your cloud solution.

We'll help you prioritise the areas of highest benefit, accelerating your transformation without putting mission critical systems at risk. Then we'll help you innovate in the cloud, so you can change the way your company does business.
“SASIT has delivered a significant improvement to the infrastructure solution they provide to Axicom, resulting in a full technology refresh, a change in datacentre and an architectural design shift. Each of these elements has delivered benefits to the Axicom business with improved performance, flexibility, availability and currency of long-term support. The most notable achievement was SASIT’s ability to deliver these complex changes on time, within budget and to specification in parallel with Axicom’s upgrade of its JD Edwards ERP system.”
Andrew Fox, Head of IT
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