Risk & Compliance Management

Automate your business' evaluation of risk and compliance.

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Risk Management tools don't have to be spreadsheets.

Automate the process of managing operational risk. Automate key GRC processes, reducing the chances of missing risk data and embedding risk management practices into your business culture.

Spreadsheet nightmares?
Get your management out of Excel and managing risk in a purpose built tool.
Missing risk reports?
You'll never have to worry about risk going unreported again with a single data repository.
Get executives on board
With simplified dashboards, charts and reporting, executives can attest to company compliance with confidence.

Internal Audit Management
Empower internal audit departments to champion risk management as a strategic partner for management.
Financial Controls Management
Integrate regulatory controls with financial systems and never get caught out by ensuring issues are quickly resolved.
Regulatory Controls Management
Uncover gaps in how your organisation is managing regulatory risk. Move beyond tick box “compliance” to transparent, simple management.
IT Governance
Unite multiple silos of IT risk and compliance to deliver improved visibility, better decision support, and enhanced corporate performance.


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