March 21, 2022


Being commercially flexible is the best way to serve clients.

With an arsenal of technology and experts, we can help you navigate through silo projects and avoid standardisation. Sometimes all that's needed is incremental change and flexible services so you can steer your business in the right direction, and we are here to help you map out the journey.

It's been a challenging time to be in business. With CPI inflation reached in both NZ and across the world, a constant stream of financial reporting changes required regulatory changes and their associated costs, plus throw in a global pandemic –these changes have been exhausting over the past couple of years. We really do get it.

On top of those struggles, there has been a push to fast-track business' digital transformation for the workforce's productivity and provide better engagement with customers.

We've recognised these challenges, and we've experienced some ourselves, as a result, we are looking to help others wherever we can. We don't just offer a technology solution but rather a flexibility in commercial constructs that are tailored individually to our client's requirements.

In March 2021, the IFRS changed its interpretation of which costs for "configuring and customising cloud-based software" could be capitalised. For example, what was once reported as a one-off implementation project of "infrastructure as code" was now reflected as an ongoing expense (OPEX) with a committed term. This meant that companies across NZ (and globally) had to write off millions of dollars of EBIT from their reporting.

Whilst we appreciate that standardisation can lead to greater efficiencies, the ability to be unique and flexible is equally important for businesses to survive and thrive. This is a prime example where our approach of being commercially flexible serves to help our clients overcome challenges, customising our engagements to fit the unique needs and scenarios of our clients. Something as simple as adjusting a Managed Service offering to fit a commercial requirement, tailoring the ownership responsibility of a hybrid on/off-prem model, or even ownership of Intellectual Property rights can make all the difference.

During the pandemic, we've been in a fortunate position to be able to provide this type of initiative and flexibility to our clients. Like many communities, it's been great to band together through the triumphs and tribulations to see the best in each other. And this is one of the reasons we love being 100% kiwi owned.

Ultimately, we're here to serve our clients, and while we have technology and experts to help along the way, we're also a business that recognises the different constraints and levers you're faced with. So, we help our clients, not with a box of 'one size fits all' but with tailored solutions.

 We're here to help. Let's have a chat.

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