The scalable, flexible nature of cloud enables teams to do things quickly. 

The idea of doing things faster should mean greater efficiency for your business. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. 

It can be a challenge knowing what to do with this newfound ability, and speed doesn’t necessarily equal efficiency – especially if it’s not controlled! 

The cloud also opens up so many options and areas that you can use to improve the way you do business; it can be difficult to know where to focus. 

This can be a real risk. 

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How to reduce the risk of accelerating your cloud transformation 

If you don’t have a stable base to start from, you’ll struggle to transform your business systems and could open your business up to significant risk.  

You must have identified your mission critical systems and understand how they might be affected by any changes that you make to your cloud environment. 

Also, as is the case with transitioning systems into the cloud, too much haste can lead to less speed.  

So, when it comes to accelerating your transformation – with so many different options on the table – a careful approach to minimise risk is essential.  

Like with your cloud migration, you need a well thought out plan before you dive in. 

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Planning for speed 

Start by prioritising the different areas of your business and what you want to do. 

Pick the highest priority and just focus on that. 

Keep your scope tight, plan it out and take into account any mission critical systems that might be affected. 

If any are, outline how you’ll deal with that. 

It’s really no different from your initial cloud migration, where a robust migration plan and strategy helped you minimise risk. 

Then, when you’re ready – go for it! 

Once one area has been successfully transformed, you can move on to the next priority and repeat. 

SAS IT’s approach to cloud migration  

The first three steps in our cloud journey process are about creating stability, ensuring a good fit for your business, and transforming existing systems to gear you up for success.  

Once those foundations are in place, we can move to accelerate your transformation. This includes helping to prioritise the different parts of the cloud journey, so you can see where to focus your effort while keeping scopes tight to manage risk, and ensuring mission critical systems are humming while transformation speed increases​. 

Our Cloud Journey Workshop will help you plan out accelerating your cloud transformation. 

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