How do you choose a cloud for your business

How do you make IT decisions in your business – such as selecting the right cloud to call home?

It’s easy to make the mistake of picking a solution and then trying to retrofit it to your business.

Instead, it’s much better to work out what you need first, which starts with having a chat with us.

Different departments in your organisation will have different IT requirements and constraints, making it hard to pick between the public cloud and a private cloud.

The answer? A hybrid cloud.

It’s best bits of the public, and private cloud seamlessly integrated together, and spec’d for your business.

Is your business looking to make the most of what the cloud makes possible – like advanced analytics, Internet of Things or cognitive functions?

Different IT infrastructures suit different business functions, and legacy systems often make it difficult for your organisation to innovate.

We can help you transform your business, regardless of what infrastructure you’re starting with.

What is holding up your mission? Often it is that your IT infrastructure is not suited for where you want to go.

Technology should be an enabler and not a roadblock in your business.

How do you achieve this? It starts in our Innovation Garage, where we’ll help you solve your big business questions.

If you’re a larger organisation, then your cloud infrastructure should be flexible to meet your requirements.

Red Hat’s OpenStack uses containerisation and virtualisation to give you this flexibility within your own cloud private environment.

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