Is Poor System Integration Holding Your Business Back?

Are systems and data silos making it difficult to deliver exceptional customer value and preventing you from having a competitive edge in the market? 


User experience and customer satisfaction are crucial to retaining and growing your top line revenue in a competitive market. 


Unfortunately, many businesses are being held back by the following data challenges:


·      Restraints – The inability to build business applications faster without adding complexity.

·      Poor user experience – Limited functionality for end users due to disparate systems and data integration.

·      Time costly – Custom API builds increase development time.

·      Complexity – With the addition of increased functionality.


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Integration Unlocks Your Data


Connecting data systems creates the integrated data flow you need to delight your customers and provide the functionalities they want.


Often a straightforward process, this is mainly dependent on the business’s current infrastructure setup. It can be that legacy systems and software are not integrated with newer platforms, causing issues.


Development teams are all too familiar with the challenges of time-consuming custom API integrations and the speed of deploying new features with minimal disruption.  

And the challenges of the development team are only the tip of the iceberg. It's long been a struggle for enterprise architects to enable digital transformation while maintaining business as usual – particularly with the added constraint of keeping to budget.


SAS IT’s Approach to Integration


With our integration solutions, powered by Red Hat, it is easy to connect systems across your business, allowing for integrated data flow.


We transform your organisation's applications development workflow and build exceptional user experiences for your customers, all with less complexity and faster speed to market.


Powered by impressive technical specs to give your business a competitive edge, you start with pre-set API configurations to connect with hundreds of applications.


User-centric tooling enables integration specialists and application developers to work collaboratively around systems and data, and multiple deployment options allow you to deploy on any cloud on-premise system.


Importantly, coding isn’t a requirement. Applying AI to your integration allows you to create intelligent solutions with no code.


And for more experienced operators, there are automated, visual and coding options for creating APIs.


SAS IT Support


What’s even better, our expert team is on hand to provide advice and support, so you can focus on your core business and creating excellent customer experiences.


Providing ongoing support after your initial installation and setup, we can also consult on achieving the best performance and creating the most cost-effective integration solutions for your business.


Simplify your integration process with SASIT’s range of cost-effective solutions. Get in touch with us today to start your digital transformation journey.

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