How to Make Your IT Infrastructure Adaptable and Innovative with SAS IT and Red Hat

The business landscape is constantly changing, and your organisation must adapt and innovate to keep up and get ahead.

This includes your IT infrastructure, which must be able to meet the changing needs of your company.

However, if you’ve on-premise servers and legacy software, it’s not so easy to pick everything up and move it to the public cloud.

You’ve got considerations like security, governance of data, privacy and, of course, how much it costs.    

Does this sound like you?

  • Want to innovate, but the cloud appears too costly
  • Your business wants to make use of cloud-based applications
  • Multiple requirements for different tools and software
  • You’re still supporting (critical) legacy systems
  • Concerned about the security of data and information
  • Moving your entire business to the cloud is likely impossible

Then you should look to the Private Cloud, which is an ideal way to harness the power of the cloud and tick your organisation’s security and privacy boxes.  

Introducing Private Cloud

The private cloud is literally the best of both worlds – the power and flexibility of the cloud combined with the control and security of on-premise.

Your DevOps team can innovate in a flexible cloud environment, the team can make the most of cloud based applications (Internet of Things, analytics tools, etc.), and the control is still in your hands.

Most importantly, the private cloud helps your business bridge the gap between your critical on-premise systems and cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

One size doesn't fit all for most organisations. Public Cloud can also be an integral part of your infrastructure architecture, allowing your business to benefit from both Public and Private infratructure options.

SAS IT and Red Hat

SAS IT has partnered with Red Hat to deliver value and innovation through our private cloud solution.

Your businesses can keep up with its changing needs and keep pace with competitors while enjoying the benefits of the cloud – agility and innovation.

Hosted securely on your own premise or within SAS IT's secure onshore infrastructure, using virtualisation and containerisation, you can easily and cost-effectively deploy and redeploy resources.  

And, we’ll manage it for you – so everything is organised, optimised, and securely maintained.  

Find out how it all works or get in touch to start the conversation.  

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