For any business, the reliability and stability of your core systems is a must.

It’s no different when you migrate to the cloud. You need a robust plan in place to minimise risk and ensure the stability of your essential business systems during the migration.

These systems are “mission critical” and if they're out of action or compromised – your business has a problem.

Migrations don’t always go smoothly

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Contrary to what the marketing material says, cloud migrations don’t always go smoothly.

This can be for a number of reasons, but often it’s because a decision has been made to move all systems into the cloud at once, in the shortest possible time.

Unsurprisingly, this can lead to destabilisation and significant issues!

So, while this may seem like the best way to minimise business disruption and transition you to the ‘new normal’ as quickly as possible, this approach puts pressure on multiple core business systems and teams at once.

It also doesn’t allow for much flexibility or adjustment in terms of your overall migration strategy.

However, there is a way to ensure your migration goes smoothly – which is essential if you’re migrating your mission critical systems.

Where to start

As part of a well-defined cloud strategy, start by looking at what mission critical systems you already have in place.

How are they being used? What is the justification for why they should or shouldn’t be in the cloud?

Evaluate each system on its merits and make sure you have a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of migration.

Then, start small and selectively migrate workloads to minimise risk to your business.

Don’t just rely on size and complexity when evaluating systems for migration, but also look carefully at what workloads are appropriate to move to the cloud.

Systems can be prioritised and gradually transitioned to ensure pinch points and issues are minimised as much as possible.


SAS IT’s approach to cloud migration

You can’t afford to put the mission critical systems in your business at risk.

So, it’s vital that you use a well thought out cloud strategy to make sure your cloud migration is smooth.

Our simple but effective approach to migration allows us to objectively evaluate whether a system should be moved to cloud in the first place.

We then scale and stagger the system migration as appropriate – adjusting and refining the roll out plan to minimise the risk to your business operations. 

A great place to start is our Cloud Journey Workshop, which will help you plan the smooth migration of your mission critical systems. 

If the points above is causing you discomfort, it probably means this is something we can help with. Any questions or queries about our Cloud Journey Workshop- reach out to us below or email us directly.

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