SAS IT 8x8 Case Study


At SAS IT, our mission is to combine our innovative thinking with our ability to initiate complex technology solutions to help our clients transform into digital leaders.

In December 2021, our employees were dispersed, some were intermittently working in the office and at home. This meant that our communications were flowing through different platforms, devices, and spaces. Pretty relatable right?  

For a while we had been meaning to change our systems and reimagine the hybrid working situation of in-office and WFH communication. We needed to smooth out the communication processes within our business and for our customers. We, as well as our customers, were experiencing communication issues, confusion, lack of local support and silo messaging systems.

We chose to implement 8x8 capabilities and solutions because it had everything we needed to succeed, and it was incredibly easy to train our staff no matter where they were working. There was a real sense of ownership within this enterprise system and there are so many scalable options to meet your companies' desires.

We previously had a very old phone system, and 8x8 introduced a better UX and a communication system that made our work lives better but allowed us to connect with our customers 24-hours a day. Companies can choose when a chatbot can automate responses so that customers are acknowledged immediately. It can pick up the work before and after staff start and finish their days and when there’s an overflow of work, it’s crucial that our business is contactable. What was also important to us, our customers, was to have local support from a national organisation, and 8x8 allows working from home or the office. This instills a sense of trust that it will be immediate when dealing with issues and subsequent solutions.

8x8 capabilities allows businesses to bridge across several platforms, have Teams integrations and send text messages to service desks and operators. On top of those functions our employees have their own number, which means that co-workers and customers can reach them through a direct line (over the internet), and all of this is an absolute gamechanger for the business and the customer experience.  

With an all-in-one, centralized source of communication, it allows for a smooth and easy training experience that's like Microsoft teams and sets our customers and us up for a fully managed and enabled staff.

Working from home will be a part of our future from now on and businesses have certainly had to change and navigate the challenges that arise. To succeed with internal and external projects, an easy flow of communication will be the reason your business and employees thrive.

8x8 has offered us an abundance of solutions for us to lean into, and it will transform our business for the better. Now we have a sophisticated communication system that is streamlined, easy-to-use and future-proof.

Check out how we can consolidate your messaging platform with an enterprise class communication system. Your phone system can be the best in class that works on whatever device you choose, wherever you choose to work. The experience, training and implementation will be seamless, so let us help you on your digital transformation journey.

Automating simple/routine processes like chatbots, messaging, direct phone lines - via a phone system is pretty compelling if you think about it." Since we started the 8x8 journey, we’ve seen them continue to add new features, new capabilities and it just keeps rolling in. So, they are offering continual improvements, and that’s fantastic for us to join in on that transformation.
John Holley, GM Outsourcing and Support at SAS IT