Juken New Zealand Limited (Juken) is a manufacturer of high quality wood panels, engineered wood and solid wood products made from trees grown in its own expertly-managed, sustainable forests. Juken was established in New Zealand in 1990 and supplies wood primarily to the Japanese housing market from four mills located in Northland (two in Kaitaia), on the East Coast and in Wairarapa. Head office, including the IT department, is located in downtown Auckland.

In 2002 Juken implemented the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP application. Over the years Juken has implemented additional ERP functionality including JD Edwards manufacturing and is now utilising a broad set of modules. This in turn resulted in the Juken business moving to IBM iSeries servers for the robust system stability needed to run  the manufacturing module at its timber mills.

Juken has been utilising components of the JD Edwards ERP for some time now. This offering provides a range of choices for Juken which has chosen to purchase hardware and place it within their hosted facility. As part of Juken’s infrastructure upgrade in 2013, SASIT implemented new IBM Power 720s for both its production and non-production systems and an upgrade of the operating systems to V7.1.  Along with database and application support, this new infrastructure has been managed by the ‘JD Edwards - Your Way’ services. These services from UXC Red Rock and SASIT are integrated into a ‘one-stop-shop’ so Juken needs only work with a single vendor in order to ensure that all agreed service levels are met.

In October 2015, in conjunction with our partner UXC Red Rock, SASIT migrated Juken’s JD Edwards ERP systems from the latter’s on-premise infrastructure and onto our IaaS offerings at our Greenlane data centre.  A primary driver for the project was that the on-premise IT environment did not provide for site redundancy and was therefore a limited disaster recovery environment. The migration project aimed to refresh the whole infrastructure and create a more robust, efficiently-operated and fault tolerant environment. This would provide Juken with greater peace-of-mind for disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability (HA).

To meet Juken’s requirements, the production environment was moved onto Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) within the our data centre in Greenlane. The DR environment was moved to IaaS at the Datacom Orbit Drive data centre with iTERA replication software from Vision Solutions used to replicate the IBM i production partition to DR. Veeam is used to replicate the Intel VMs and the SAN-based systems. A flexible network solution enables failover testing and planned role swaps to cover both server and site outages.

With the successful migration project completed SASIT now manages and monitors both the production and DR environments 24x7 with full responsibility for availability outcomes. For Juken, the new IaaS environments provide a scalable model with clear operational roles and responsibilities - and room for future options.

"We find that both UXC Red Rock and SASIT bring a very professional, complementary approach to the relationship with us. Both of these partners understand our business and know how critical JD Edwards is to our manufacturing operations.

"They not only provide us with solutions to maintain what we have but proactively come to us with ideas on how to improve our systems.”
- Graham Maples, CFO/CIO