Business intelligence specialist Equifax provides its clients with the accurate and timely information they need to optimise their customer relationships. It is New Zealand’s largest and most sophisticated provider of credit bureau services. Equifax outsourced the management of its IBM Power systems environment to SAS IT in mid-2006. In late 2007 the company’s entire New Zealand environment was migrated to SAS IT-owned and operated IBM Power Systems servers, under our Infrastructure as a Service offering.

Today we provide a full Power Systems private cloud with managed services for Equifax’s production systems. The systems are hosted in our Greenlane data centre with a fully-replicated system located at an alternative site. We also provide comprehensive support for the company’s desktops which delivers significant savings to Equifax’s IT budget.

In the 10 years since the initial project was implemented Equifax has achieved significant cost reductions by outsourcing their IT requirements. This new business model has enabled Equifax to expand its business without the hardware constraints it previously had. These long-term results have validated Equifax’s decision to partner with us.

Listen to John discuss the importance of their strategic relationship with SASIT.

Instead of having to run and maintain IT systems, our technology people can focus on developing and bringing new products to market. This actually makes us money. SAS IT is an extension of our own organisation, much more like a fellow employee than a supplier.
John Roberts, New Zealand Managing Director