ANZCO Foods Limited is a multinational group of companies. Its mission is to procure, process and market New Zealand beef and lamb to consumers in New Zealand and overseas. ANZCO’s corporate office is based in Christchurch and numbers McDonald’s and Waitrose UK amongst its many customers. In 2011 the company decided to move away from a mix of in-house and outsourced infrastructure and services.

The company's main application is the M3 ERP from Infor which runs on an IBM Power system. ANZCO CIO, Mark Rance, wanted a local company to provide infrastructure and support for the diverse systems. However, he also needed an IBM Power systems specialist organisation to host and manage the server running M3 and to provide this as IaaS.

In November 2011 Computer Concepts Ltd (CCL, whose head office is in Christchurch) and SASIT joined forces to provide an end-to-end outcome-based service for ANZCO which included Intel virtualised servers, storage and IBM Power Systems along with additional systems, networks and services. The new system went live in April 2012 and SASIT now provides ANZCO with its IBM Power Systems needs.

We also manage and monitor the infrastructure including the leading ERP application M3, from Infor, and CCL provides the balance of the service and infrastructure, all delivered in a seamless, customer-focused manner.

"Going to a fully-hosted model from a hybrid arrangement has made a lot of sense. We now have our mission-critical systems in the hands of highly-experienced technicians whose skills we couldn’t replicate for the fees we pay."
Mark Rance, CIO